“Accidental Truth – UFO Revelations” is available again on Amazon and TUBI.

In April 2023, UFO Documentary, “Accidental Truth, UFO Revelations”, narrated by legendary actor Matthew Modine, was released worldwide.

The film won an impressive 27 film festival awards and stayed in the top 20 documentaries, according to Apple, worldwide for 20 weeks.

Suddenly the film, “Accidental Truth- UFO Revelations” was no longer available on the major platforms.

After weeks of being “Unavailable”, the film is now back on Amazon and Tubi and on DVD, available here.

“Accidental Truth – UFO Revelations” set the stage for the current events of UFO Disclosure.

It presents evidence for the case outlined by UFO witness David Grusch.  It also presents solid evidence that disputes the latest round of “official Reports” from government programs such as AARO.

The film’s cast is a “who’s who” of today’s UFO related headlines, including narration by Matthew Modine and appearances by Congressman Tim Burchett, writer Ralph Blumenthal, Pentagon insider Lue Elizondo, author Dr. Michio Kaku, Dr. Gary Nolan and others from TV shows such as “Ancient Aliens”.

“We are working on the follow-up to the film, and I urge everyone who hasn’t seen “Accidental Truth – UFO Revelations” to check it out.” James said.

See the film here:  CLICK TO SEE THE FILM ON  AMAZON

“Accidental Truth UFO Revelations” has won 27 Festival and Competition Awards and been accepted into 32 festivals so far!

Announcing “Accidental Truth – UFO Revelations”
A film By Ron James.  Narrated by Matthew Modine.
Now available to rent and to buy on DVD and Blu-Ray!

We are proud to announce that the DVD & Blu Ray versions are now available.
This edition is in celebration of our 24th film festival award!
We’ve set a record forwards for an independent UFO Film.

We have included some great bonus features!

* Full length interview with Congressman Tim Burchett
* Autographed limited edition hologram card
* Limited Edition Award Celebration packaging

In April 2023, “Accidental Truth, UFO Revelations”, narrated by acclaimed actor Matthew Modine, shocked the intelligence community, the body politic, and the public.

In 2021, filmmaker Ron James met with Congressman Tim Burchett and told him what years of investigations by MUFON and others have proven about the UFO cover-up.

Around that time, Burchett led a storm of demands for UFO Disclosure in Washington DC and the world.

It is the film that delivered the evidence and set the stage for the story that whistleblower David Grusch revealed to the world and to Congress.

This is the only UFO documentary ever mentioned in a congressional hearing by name.

The US Government and private industries are in possession of non-human technology.  They are engaged in programs to reverse engineer the technology and more.

The story is true.  You will be convinced through never before seen interviews, new evidence and government insiders “accidentally” revealing the truth through their sometimes mistaken words.

“Accidental Truth, UFO Revelations” has won a stunning 24 film festival awards and been called, “The most important UFO documentary ever made.”

An incredible cast of experts and insiders come together as never before to reveal the most important story in the history of mankind.


Get the SWAG! Although the film is done, we still need your help.  Our animation team is in the Ukraine.  Despite the war, the guys kept working as best they could.  They endured power outages, defense deployments, missile flying over their homes, and still managed to deliver some of the best custom animation ever in an independent UFO Documentary.

Both team members lost equipment due to missile attacks and power fluctuations. They need new computers and additional support.

A  portion of the proceeds from our SWAG sales will go to getting this done for them.

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Here are some pics from the film!  Stay tuned and come back often, this page will be updated frequently with insider info and great content and offers.

The Cast:

Congressman Tim Burchett
Ralph Blumenthal
Lue Elizondo
Dr. Michio Kaku
Dr. Garry Nolan
Col. John Alexander
Christopher Mellon
Richard Dolan
Dave MacDonald
Nick Pope
Paul Hynek
Don Schmitt
Mike Bara
Katie Griboski (Paige)
Melinda Leslie
Elizabeth April
Cheryll Jones
Danny Sheehan
Jimmy Church
Richard Lang
James Fox
Ron James

The Team:

Written Directed, Produced and Edited by:

Ron James

Narrated By:

Matthew Modine

Executive Producers:

Ron James
Matthew Modine
Adam Rackoff
Paul Davids
Hollace Davids
Jennifer Stein

Production Companies:

Ron James Television
MUFON Television
Cinco Dedos Peliculas


Christopher O’Brien
Grant Ibrihim
Jim Martin

Festival and contest awards and selections as of 2-21-23

Accidental Truth – UFO Revelations

Our Laurels:

Sedona Film Festival – Official Selection


Sonoma Film Festival – Official Selection

Not published yet but shortly:


Midwest Weird Fest  – Official Selection


Docs Without Borders  Official Selection * WINNER – Outstanding Excellence (2 Laurels)


Accolade Global Film Competition – Official Selection * WINNER – Award of Excellence (2 Laurels)

https://accoladecompetition.org/ (See list) 

ParaPod Film Festival – Official Selection (not posted yet but notified) 


IndieFEST Film awards – Official Selection * WINNER – Award of Excellence (2 Laurels)


Hollywood Gold Award  – Official Selection * WINNER – GOLD Award (2 Laurels)


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